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Game summary

RAID: Shadow Stories is a free-to-play MMORPG fantasy with exceptional RPG aspects. Produced by Plarium, this particular game will give you the reins of control over a team associated with heroes who usually are breaking in battle.

In raid shadow legends based on the PVE Aspect, i. E. Story campaigns, dungeons in addition to factional wars by using which you will water pump up the heroes and boost their gear.
Battles right here are step-by-step and usually are difficult enough to ensure players are not really bored even in the long term, and their mechanics are available even for beginners.

In time you will hire fresh heroes (and their own hundreds, actually! ), each along with their own strengths and weaknesses of which can be enhanced or offset by simply artifacts, potions, glyphs, and so on.
Let those who discover a way to reach the complete potential of the particular heroes write their own name inside the history of the game arena – the appreciated goal of almost all advanced players.

Raid shadow legends guide

RAID can boast great graphics: all game supplies (heroes, locations, items) are drawn extremely nicely, they enhance the atmosphere and the storyline of the game.

In general, RAID is a great and exciting MMORPG.
Plarium is famous for its first-class, even though typical browser techniques. RAID is certainly an indicator that the company desires to take it to typically the next level. Indeed, there are a few mechanics familiar to the typical games of this programmer (e. G. Development of a hub/bastion), but simply the game relies on the newest RPG factors regarding turn-based battles and groups of heroes, that will surely appeal to all MMO fans.



  • Free Group MMO, Exciting in addition to visually appealing
  • Hundreds of unique heroes with unique abilities and combat cartoon
  • Combination methods and RPG.
  • Extremely popular multiplayer sport (and especially upon mobile devices)
  • Typically the game is easy, well suited for beginners, but hides the tactical detail, worthy of down and dirty gamers.

Full overview

Professional RAID


Plarium created RAID: Shadow Legends (RAID) is an MMO fantasy game for PCs and mobile phones by which players possess to manage a squad of heroes, apply their expertise and look for equipment to arrive out victorious from PVE and PVP missions.

Game is distributed on the model free to play, acquisitions from the game store are purely voluntary, plus the gameplay (turn-based RPG battles within 3D) will become intuitive to the two fans of some other strategies from Plarium and beginners.

Online game starts with a brief and enjoyable coaching, which tells regarding the world of the particular game plus the step-by-step mechanics of team battles. Then you can pick your first character. You will end up being given to choose some heroes, each of which often is considered uncommon – choose smartly


How you can create the century command


In REZZOU the particular whole point from the game is to be able to pump your group of heroes. Incidentally, the online game has more than 200 heroes: diverse races, different skills, different looks plus combat animations. Generally speaking, pretty impressive.

At typically the beginning of the game a few a lot more Level 1 heroes will join an individual for free, and you may have to pump them through the particular game missions, look for their dungeons, and if you wish to try out in the PVP arena or kill very dangerous enemies in the dungeons regarding the best trophies, you will definitely need to invest within your team to the full.

Two basic sport modes can be distinguished in RAID: Bastion (Hub Mode) and Combat.

In the Piperacee you build upward the base, opening accessibility to useful buildings as you enjoy and increase your account level. With regard to example, on stage 6, you’ll obtain access to a tavern where you can sacrifice 1 hero to improve another. Bastion will seem familiar to an individual if you’ve currently played strategies through Plarium .

All of the rest of typically the content that awaits you, whether it’s a mission tale or perhaps a dungeon, will be already RAID fight mode. Here an individual will have to spend endurance factors (recover over time) to cope with increasingly more complex computer enemies. Inside battle, you will certainly be able to both control your own heroes manually in addition to trust the autocontrol function , despite the fact that this is not really desirable (efficiency lame-c).

Plot missions, dungeons, and PVP industry – all this is important in addition to necessary if you wish to collect a team prepared to break the sides of all plus all the characters. The fact will be that important supplies (such as shards) and also a useful loot, enabling you to hire brand new heroes and strengthen current ones, could be found just there. And typically the combat mode company accounts for something like 90% of the gameplay in RAID.

Battles by themselves are fun until an individual get to the final levels , where you have to put the full team of five heroes.

And when you have not necessarily crossed the early levels and spent important endurance, you will probably notice that some characters in your group are not higher enough, from where typically the gameplay will turn into a rabid green: green levels, green gyra…

Arena and gang wars are also good and thrilling, but if you aren’t ready to invest all the on typically the game otherwise you opponents that prepare for the pain: the reality is that for real money inside the gaming store you can purchase and the rarest heroes and a great game. Dating in the game is just not without desprovisto, things to say. In general, we aren’t help but notice that RAID can fascinate you regarding quite a extended time.

Choose opponents wisely


Initially of the game, you have to evidently understand when a person can and may devote endurance points, so as not to screw up your first heroes.

Quests are only offered at the beginning and should be taken out as often as possible – right up until the average level of your heroes exceeds 10.

Then you can continue, due to the fact after the 10th level you may definitely cope with the final companies in the dungeons. Battles with the particular bosses are quite difficult here, to be able to die, to reduce typically the loot and waste your stamina is easier here.

Should also remember the simple combat mechanics regarding RAID, namely Thanks (Affinity) – system regarding strengths and weaknesses .

Each hero has their own class, only three classes: “Magic” (Magic), “Spirit” (Spirit) and “Force” (Force).

Magical heroes usually are strong against the spiritual, wind ones are strong in opposition to the strong, plus the strong against typically the magical.

There is usually also a fourth inclination, namely Gap. Such heroes possess neither strengths neither weaknesses, the only problem is actually extremely rare. However, for the majority of the particular RAID content you will definitely get enough awards to purchase your team a fresh game. Sometimes likely to even get awards for shards plus gems (the foreign currency from the game store), which will let you hire new heroes.


Plarium is usually famous for not really focusing on graphics in the strategies, nevertheless RAID has turn out to be a pleasant exemption.

First, there will be a separate online game client. In this article beneficial graphics, plus in each area.

Especially good heroes, and then for the first storyline missions did not even stingy on the sound, plus generally speaking they are usually great. In battle, you will end up pleased along with the graphics: typically the way your heroes use their skills and capabilities in real time is absolutely enjoyable. Nevertheless, the graphics the following is good universal.


PVE-campaigns will also be properly designed: the plot is interesting, and the tone of voice will help you immerse yourself within the problems regarding the magic TELEVISION. Yes, RAID does not have the detail of traditional first-person MMORPGs in the open world, nevertheless you’ll like the great story plus the quality sound.

REZZOU is a multiplatform game (PC, mobile), so the system requirements here usually are modest. Because of this, the particular game becomes available to a variety regarding players.

One minus – music is usually repeated in fight mode. You know, following a hundredth struggle, the sound is usually simply muted…


Additional one Pay-to-Win online game?

Raid shadow legends guide

Briefly, it can up to an individual. Everything inside the game can be obtained for free, but you furthermore recognize that the finest heroes plus the best game will demand 100s, thousands of several hours… Which is avoided simply by paying money.

The question is simple: would you like the best in this game?

If you are longing to behold winning the PVP-ladder, then sure, start either saving money or organizing to grind night and day.

If you are only thinking about the PVE aspect associated with the sport, then join a good guild, fight in the arena (you can and without fanaticism)… Here you will not have to have a game store. You’ll possess more than adequate of what you get in the overall game.


Again, you are able to play a solitary in RAID although exploring the PVE regarding the online game, and then one of the most unpleasant thing you’ve got to face is popup home windows with adverts from your game store (raid: shadow legends).

It can exhausting – many times an advertising stop is announced!

Fortunately, typically the game settings could disable this, although many players do not know about it.

Note: when you are ready to spend real money on RAID, purchase Sacred Shards at the beginning and give us a call at in epic or legendary heroes in order to unleash the full potential of booster devices.

That’s a good thing regarding the gaming store, you could play with out it.


Can it be worth that?

RAID is usually a novelty from Plarium with the well-developed RPG globe, this game is very popular, especially inside Google Playstore plus iOS Appstore.

Simple, very clear and exciting game play, a chance to adhere to the development of your selected characters in addition to their battles: all this is excellent, all this will be fun, all this is unquestionably worth a try, particularly if you like party RPG with PVE and PVP modes.

Model free to perform provides enough area for action, even though the annoying advertising of the gaming store and leaves an unpleasant aftertaste from those who hate game advantages purchased for real money.

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